Student Debt Forgiveness Services

1. Evaluate Your Loans

Our Enrollment Counselors will evaluate your loans eligibility for Department Of Education Repayment Programs.

2. Discover Your Options.

After your free evaluation we'll match you to the right program with the most benefit.

3. Enjoy Lower Payments

Consolidate, make low payments and then the balance is forgiven after the term.

Lower your monthly payments. Get out of default. Stop wage garnishment.

Are you one of the Millions of students across the U.S. that is struggling to pay their monthly student loan payments? Did your for-profit school get shut down and leave you buried in debt? Are your wages being garnished?

Get signed-up now! Time is running out to enroll into and take advantage of the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.

SDA helps 3,000 student borrowers a month reduce payments & save time by preparing their file and submitting them into beneficial forgiveness programs that are available through the Department of Education.

See if you qualify to be enrolled into an income based program where you might qualify for a $0 a month payment plan or you might qualify for lower payments and after the payment term the remaining balance of the loans are forgiven. Get out of default and stop wage garnishments which might also improve your credit.

Thousands of government employees, teachers, nurses, police, public service workers and the disabled get their student debt forgiven.

Let us know if you're ready to take on your servicer such as Navient, Great Lakes, Fedloan, Mohela, Nelnet or Sallie Mae and we will help you get the results that benefit you the most.

See if you qualify for benefits that include:

  • FREE Student Loan Consultation Session
  • Federal Student Loan Document Preparation
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Qualify for a "$0" Monthly Payment?
  • Income Based Repayment
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness
  • Student Loan Discharge
  • Default Rehabilitation
  • Forbearance & Deferment

Which Program Do I Enroll For? What Documents Do I Need?

We know getting enrolled into the best program can be a lot to absorb and we want to help make sense of your debt. So, contact us and understand your path to forgiveness.

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Don't do it alone. Our counselors know which programs can benefit you the most for your particular situation. No need to do it on your own. Let us enroll you in the right Government assisted program the first time around!

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